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12 Clever Cell Phone Tips & Tricks That You Probably Didn't Know

1. Charge Your Phone Faster Without Turning It Off

You've probably been told that in order to make your phone charge faster, you need to power them down while they’re plugged in. But you can cut your charging time in half just be putting your phone on airplane mode while it charges.

2. Put Your Contact Details On Your Lock Screen In Case You Lose Your Phone

If you've lost your phone in a public place, you know how difficult it is to find it. And if you have never lost your phone, you’re worried about it happening. Just turn your lock screen to your name, email address, and an alternative phone number so that anyone who finds it can contact you without trying to access your contacts.

3. Clean Off Those Pesky Phone Smudges With An Eraser

Remember those big pink erasers you used in school? Well, you can "erase" phone smudges by running one smoothly on your cell phone screen and presto! Oil and dirt on your screen will be gone.

4. Never Lose Your Car In Those Giant Parking Lots Again

It's frustrating when you can’t remember where you parked your car at the airport or other large parking lot or garage. Instead of just trying to remember where you parked it, snap a picture of something recognizable nearby, whether it’s a marked section of the parking lot (“Lot A”) or something else.

5. Briefly Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode To Improve Your Signal

It's happened to all of us. Your phone is struggling to connect to the tower, but you're still not getting any bars. Simply switch your phone over to airplane mode which helps your phone find the best available nearby signal. Then turn airplane mode off again and you should be good to go!

6. Download Black Wallpaper To Prolong Your Battery's Charge

Phone brightness is one of the many ways that drain your phone's battery charge. By downloading a black or dark wallpaper, you can prolong your battery's charge. Then, when your phone is on its Home Screen, your phone won't need to use more of its battery to make sure it’s backlit.

7. Change Your App Preferences To Prolong Your Battery's Charge

While we're on the topic of prolong battery life, here's another trick. Did you know that your apps are constantly running in the background even when you’re not using them, or even using your phone? While they’re running, they’re eating up your battery. To save battery life, change your app preferences for when they’re allowed to run.

8. Change Your Text Message Settings

Old text messages can sit on your phone for months or even longer after you forget them, taking up storage space that you could use for more important things. If you forget to clear your phone messages on a regular basis, go into settings and program your phone to do it automatically.

9. Store Chargers And Earbuds In A Glasses Case

Hate struggling to find your phone charger or earbuds? There’s no need. If you have a hard case for glasses or sunglasses, pop your headphones and chargers in there. You'll be able to locate them in no time at all.

10. Restart Your Phone At Least Three Times Per Week To Keep It Working Smoothly

It’s easy to forget that your phone needs to be turned off periodically. Otherwise, it can’t run at max capacity all the time, at least not efficiently. To keep your phone updated and running smoothly, turn it off three or four times a week for a few minutes. That will allow your apps to reset and give your phone a break.

11. Customize Ringtones For Your Important Callers

Often we are interrupted by unknown or spam callers. To make sure you don’t have to go digging for your phone in your purse for unwanted calls, assign special ringtones to the people that call you the most. Then you’ll know if you want to pick up.

12. Use A Waterproof, Floating Cell Phone Case When Your In Or Near The Water

There are plenty of cell phone case manufacturers that sell so-called "waterproof", floating cases. We, at Duk Gear, guarantee that our cell phone cases are 100% waterproof - and they float. And you can use your cell phone while it's inside the case: talk, text, take pictures and videos - even under water! You'll also be able to keep your hands free and your ports free from dirt and sand, and protect your phone from breaking if dropped. Check out testimonials here!

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