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Kayak Fishing: Your New Favorite Outdoor Adventure?

Updated: May 12, 2021

There are few experiences that rival the thrill of quietly gliding across the water to hidden or remote spots where motorboats can’t go, while looking for any disturbance on the water’s surface that hints at the presence of big fish. With scenes like this, it’s not difficult to understand why kayak fishing has become such a popular activity. And if you want to become one with nature – and catch that big one – this is a pursuit that you’ll love!

Tons of articles have been written about fishing kayaks and how to rig your touring kayak to get it up to the task, but I want to focus more on the adventure itself.

If you already know how to kayak, you know what a beautiful and enjoyable experience it is. But, “if you’ve never paddled a yak before you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to learn the fundamentals,” says Chris Kenner, owner of Yak Logic and avid yakker. “Paddling and steering are intuitive and can be picked up quickly. One afternoon on the water and you’ll be well equipped to take on any flat water. Rivers, whitewater, and ocean waves require a bit more preparation, but aren't far from reach after some practice.”

Kayak fishing at sunset

Fishing from your kayak adds more adventure to an already amazing experience. Just bring your gear (don’t forget your Duk Gear 100% waterproof, floating cell phone pouch) and a bit of patience and you might even bring home dinner! If you’re used to fishing from the shore, a dock, or boat, you’ll need to learn how to cast one-handed from your kayak because you’re closer to the water, sitting down, and probably less stable.

“Kayak fishing affords spectacular freedom on the water and put you right up in the action. The immersion and freedom that kayak fishing provides makes every catch a thrilling experience, and will leave you itching to go kayak fishing again,” Chris adds.

You’ll enjoy discovering new locations, watching the sunrise or sunset, and with a little practice, kayak fishing could quite possibly become your new favorite outdoor adventure!

Be sure to check out Yak Logic’s cool website where you’ll find great info on kayaks, gear, and interesting articles.

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