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Cedar Bug Free Dragon Repellent


This long-lasting insect repellent is deet-free, 100% natural, contains no harsh chemicals, and IT WORKS to repel mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, & more!


Cedar Bug Free Dragon Repellent provides ultimate relief from mosquitos, flies, fleas, ticks, no-see-ums, mites, gnats, chiggers, and other flying and biting insects. Regular application will provide long-lasting protection and is safe for pets and anyone over six months of age. We DARE the bugs to bite you!


The active ingredients are: 10% pure cedar oil and 1% peppermint oil.




My business is in the  middle of a South Florida State Park and the mosquitoes can show up in herds sometimes. I've tried to stay away from the harsh chemicals in traditional repellants but I have found that sometimes the natural stuff just doesn't work and I end up with huge itchy bites all over me. But that's NOT the case with Dragon Repellant! This stuff is amazing! The first time I used it I was literally getting swarmed by hundreds of thirsty blood suckers and they were so huge I could actually feel them landing on me. I grabbed  my bottle of Dragon Repellent and squirted myself up and immediately they went away. No more attackers and I instead of smelling like a big chemical factory with a greasy residue on my skin I smelled fresh and clean. I knew the real tell would be the next morning if I ended up with any huge itchy bites but I was super happy to say I didn't have one bite! And trust me, mozzies always find me and leave others alone, so this is my go to spray now. I keep one in my truck, one in my golf cart, and one in my beach bag. Never leave home without it!

- Paige Bakhaus, Owner/Certified Paddleboard Instructor, Hooked on SUP

Shake well. Test a small area of skin prior to application. Apply liberally to exposed skin and rub it in for maximum protection from biting insects. For added protection, apply to clothing. Re-apply every 3-4 hours or as needed. For application to face, apply to hands and wipe on face, avoiding eyes and mouth.

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