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DUKKoozies - Suction-Cup Koozies

$49.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price

Keep your drink where you want it - on the boat with no spilling! Duk Gear's DUKKoozies have a strong suction-cup bottom, which will prevent spills & losing your drink - all while keeping it insulated. Perfect for both normal-width cans & bottles, & for use on your golf cart & tailgating, too!

Picture this: You're on the move in your boat and you hit some wakes, and your drink spills or worse - it flies out of your boat. Or how about when your anchored or docked and someone bumps into and spills your drink? The Duk Gear DUKKoozie will prevent spills and the loss your drink - all while keeping it insulated!


Duk Gear DUKKoozies are extremely strong and durable, and won't damage gel coating or other finishes. And with normal use, the suction cups won't come loose from the koozie itself. Engage the suction cups only when you need them! When engaged, simply tilt your DUKKoozie slightly to one side to disengage it and drink.


Each 4-pack comes with two red and two blue DUKKoozies - so you can share with your friends!

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