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Duk Gear's portable and ultra-light DUKLounge inflates in about 15 seconds and is perfect for use at the beach, pool, camping, the backyard, music festivals, floating in the water - wherever you'll need something to sit or lie on!

Made of durable rip-stop nylon and with a 200 kg/440 lb maximum load, 1-3 people can plop down in comfort. And it even has a couple of handy pockets for cell phones, books, tablets, etc.

DUKLounge - the Self-Inflating, Floating Beach Sofa

$79.99 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
  • Other main features include:


    • No inflator pump needed - it's self-inflating!
    • It floats
    • Weighs 1.5 kg and comes in a handy matching bag that you can sling over your shoulders
    • Use as a sleeping bed or sofa for outdoor activities
    • Uninflated size: 260 cm x 70 cm
    • Inflated size: 200 cm x 70 cm x 50 cm


    Please note:


    • Not to be used as a life-saving device
    • Never use in rough waters

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