DUKPouch Star Spangled - 100% Waterproof/Floating Cell Phone Pouch

DUKPouch Star Spangled - 100% Waterproof/Floating Cell Phone Pouch

$24.99 Regular Price
$22.99Sale Price

Keep your cell phone dry and free from water, dirt, sand, and snow. Guaranteed 100% waterproof and it floats! Even if your phone is waterproof, it won't do you any good if you drop it in the water where it will sink. Also great for carrying credit cards, ID, money, etc.


Universal cases available in seven colors and styles, and two sizes (may need to remove your current cell phone case, like an Otterbox, to fit inside):

  • Large: Fits phones up to 6"
  • Extra Large: Fits phones up 6.5" (size not available in Camouflage style)

Other features include:

  • Maintain full functionality of your cell phone inside case: Talk, text, take pictures and video - even under water!
  • Easy "Snap & Lock" closure: It's virtually goof-proof.
  • Made of the strongest PVC and ABS plastics available: 10x stronger than cheaper vinyl versions, our materials ensure maximum water protection and long-term use.
  • No more cheap lanyards and loop-through filament: Your case will come with a super-strong and comfortable lanyard, and safe and secure carabiner, which you can easily attach to your belt buckle, purse, backpack, kayak, etc.
  • Passed IPX8 tests: You can use your case up 20 m/65 ft under water.
  • Not just for water sports: Use while fishing, hunting, boating, skiing, snorkeling, at the beach or pool, in the bathtub, or just walking around the mall to keep your hands free.


To enjoy using your iPhone while inside of you DUKPouch, please enable Assistive Touch in your settings:

Go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch - ON

This will put an icon on your home screen that you will use instead of your home button.


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