Our Story & Philosophy

Duk Gear was created one day while we were sitting at a lakeside restaurant having lunch. Watching people with their beautiful boats pulling up at the sun-drenched docks, we noticed that a couple of them had dropped their cell phones - which, of course, sunk - in the water, in just one hour! We decided then and there that people need superior and affordable products that will fit in with their lifestyle.


With the above in mind, and with the thought that we can help save our waters by keeping as much as we can OUT of the water - keys, phones, hats, etc., - Duk Gear's "waterproof, floating" niche was born and we haven't looked back since! We are proud to give back to our community via beach clean-ups, and being actively involved in the clean water initiative which helps to save our precious planet.


In July, 2019, we became a member of 1% for the Planet (co-founded by the owner of Patagonia) and have made the commitment to donate a portion of our sales to non-profits involved in the clean water initiative. But we knew that we couldn't stop there. We knew that we also had to offer the best customer experience possible - second to none - and we've been extremely successful with that since 2014.

Give Duk Gear a try. Beware of imitations! And we're sure that you'll love us.