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Duk Gear was created one day while we were sitting at a lakeside restaurant having lunch. Watching people with their beautiful boats pulling up at the docks, we noticed that a couple of them had dropped their cell phones - which, of course, sunk - in the water, in just one hour! We decided then and there that people need high-quality, affordable products that will help them in their daily lives by making their lives easier, happier, and more stress-free.


With the above in mind, and with the thought that we can help save our waters by keeping as much as we can OUT of the water - keys, phones, hats, etc., - Duk Gear's "waterproof, floating" niche was born and we haven't looked back since! We are proud to give back to our community via beach clean-ups, and being actively involved in the clean water initiative which helps to save our precious planet.


In July, 2019, we became a member of 1% for the Planet (co-founded by the owner of Patagonia) and have made the commitment to donate a portion of our sales to non-profits involved in the clean water initiative. But we knew that we couldn't stop there. We knew that we also had to offer the best customer experience possible - second to none - and we've been extremely successful with that since 2014.

Give Duk Gear a try. Beware of imitations! And we're sure that you'll love us, too.

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