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Testimonials & Gallery

Our customers love us - but don't take our word for it! Here's what some of them and our retailers have to say:

  • @thesupsac we've been testing for a year plus photos and videos using a @DukGear waterproof cell phone case. If you don't have one by now then you obviously have a cheap substitute! the old saying... "you get what you pay for". Also you don't want to pay for a new cell phone once you get it wet with a cheap cell case that leaks.

          - @thesupsac

  • I've seen other similar phone cases in the stores lately... and they don't compare in any way to the Duk Gear case... I just shake my head and say they should have made a deal with Duk Gear.

          - @daducklady

  • We have used our Duk Gear all day at Splash Country! Phones have been through slide, pools, and last rivers! Completely submerged at times! Second year using these pouches and they are still holding strong! If you're looking for a waterproof pouch, find them online and order the pouch. It's worth it!

          - @chattadad​

  • "I still have a 3 year old Duk Gear case that still works like a charm. Also have tons of Duk Gears for our kayak rental business... Renters love them!"

          - Kayak DIY​

  • Let's talk about not ruining your phone this summer while parenting and living outside. This @dukgear waterproof phone case has been my trusty sidekick on #sanibelisland. Fully waterproof, keeps the sand out, has a transparent window for shooting photos and videos inside the case. You can do all the things with it safely in its little pouch. I usually keep it clipped to the backpack cooler or my shell bag. Also, don't tell the kids, but it also floats. Because we don't need more stres in our lives "I just threw mom's phone in the pool!" "Sweet! Did it float this time?!"

          - @shell_we_journey

  • "I see people all the time using those magnetic phone cases. They fall apart and they're not really waterproof at all. Especiallly when I go diving with Duk Gear under La Jolla kelp. Those magnet ones would not stand a chance!"


  • "I received an imitation product from a hunting box and it fell apart so quickly. Duk Gear is the way to go!"


  • "Trust me! Spend the money! Duk Gear cases are totally worth it!"

          - Paddleboard Adventures​


  • Dragon Repellent may have become my new best friend. I went outside boom the mosquitoes attracted to me. Oh I forgot to put Dragon Repellent on. Went back in put it on myself and my dog and we were able to go sit outside without being eaten alive. Thank you!

         - Debbie K.​


  • "I am the owner of Treasure Seekers Shell Tours out of Marco Island, FL and these are by far the BEST quality phone pouches we have ever used. They are 100% waterproof and float. I would highly recommend getting these and we exclusively use these during our tours. Get two of them and give away as Christmas gifts!"

 - Tammy Everts

  • "Duk Gear DUKPouch is a MUST! Not one drop of water gets inside and if FLOATS! Go get yours ASAP. It's a great product, totally recommend it! It's not only for phones... I should've put my underwear in there!"

 - Kochyli B.

  • "I've been filming on my iPhone on my brand new @dukgear phone pouch. I am beyond obsessed and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone worried about getting their phone wet. It is also padded which is a life saver!"

 - Sarah C.

  • "Duk Gear phones cases are a must have while on the water! These handy dandy cases are not only waterproof but they also float. I love using mine when I’m boating, kayaking, or even while I’m walking the beach. It’s easy to carry since they have a lanyard and you’re able to still take pictures while it’s in the case. Definitely worth it to buy a Duk gear and protect your phone from going for a swim."

 - Rachel W.

  • "Best case out there, for getting out there on the water, getting stuck in the rain, you name it!"

  - Brian B.

  • "Great products, and super people that own it. Highly recommend!!"

 - Wendell H.

  • "Duk Gear is awesome! I always take my [waterproof cell phone case] on every adventure. It keeps my phone dry and it floats too!"

 - Alex T.

  • "I absolutely love my Duk Gear phone case! It keeps my phone safe & dry during beach cleanups!"

 - Desiree D.

  • "When you're ready to leave the dock, don't leave without your Duk Gear. This cell phone pouch is guaranteed to keep all your devices dry, and the great thing about this is you can talk, text and snap pictures out of the water or under the water."

 - Monica S.

  • "Great service ! They stand behind their products 100% !"

 - Mary W.

  • My business is in the middle of a South Florida State Park and the mosquitoes can show up in herds sometimes. I've tried to stay away from the harsh chemicals in traditional repellents but I have found that sometimes the natural stuff just doesn't work and I end up with huge itchy bites all over me. But that's NOT the case with Dragon Repellent! This stuff is amazing! The first time I used it I was literally getting swarmed by hundreds of thirsty blood suckers and they were so huge I could actually feel them landing on me. I grabbed  my bottle of Dragon Repellent and squirted myself up and immediately they went away. No more attackers and I instead of smelling like a big chemical factory with a greasy residue on my skin I smelled fresh and clean. I knew the real tell would be the next morning if I ended up with any huge itchy bites but I was super happy to say I didn't have one bite! And trust me, mozzies always find me and leave others alone, so this is my go to spray now. I keep one in my truck, one in my golf cart, and one in my beach bag. Never leave home without it!

          - Paige Bakhaus, Owner/Certified Paddleboard Instructor, Hooked on SUP

  • "Have a DUKPouch in green and it is AWESOMENESS!!!! A must have for any kind of outdoor activity! It is holding up great in my neck of the woods SW FLORIDA! DON'T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT IT!!!"

- Jill K.

  • "Tested the cell phone case at a boat show and knew I had to have one. In past I have bought several cheap waterproof phone cases in the past and was constantly disappointed in them. The Duk Gear case gives me everything I wanted in a case. It is waterproof, fits multiple phone sizes up to 6", IT FLOATS, and it allows me to use my front or rear phone camera. Did I mention IT FLOATS!!!! Phone is no good if you can't dive down to get it. The lanyard is also really comfortable. This product doesn't feel cheap and it keeps my phone safe. I did pay for mine but got it at discount. This is still a non-bias review. You will likely see this on me in upcoming KayakDIY YouTube channel videos. Thanks Duk Gear for creating a common sense product. Don't buy cheap chinese waterproof phone cases. I did and I was always disappointed. 5 stars for Duk Gear...highly recommend to my kayaking buddies."

- Justin L.


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